Common herbicides in mulberry garden and their specific use techniques

There are several types of mulberry herbicides, which can not only improve the efficacy but also save costs. The Chinese pesticide network Xiaobian is described as follows:
1. Thatched grass. 0.75-1.0 kg per 667 square meters, 125 kg of water for soil treatment or stem and leaf spraying, the effect on dog bud root and white stalk can reach 80%~90%, the efficacy is about 30 days.
2. Stable to kill. Also known as fluorosis, flufenazone. It is suitable for controlling weeds in the seedling stage of mulberry seedlings. Before weeds 3-6 leaf stage or perennial grass weeds, we use 35% (or 15%) to kill 50 ml of emulsion per 667 square meters. Add 15-30 kg of water to the spray.
3.萆 萆 spleen. It can prevent a variety of annual or perennial weeds, especially for fragrant aconite, axillary bud root, pig mites, water peanuts, and tendon grass. Use 1 kg of 15% glyphosate per 667 m 2 , add 125 kg of water, add 0.15-0.20 kg of washing powder, spray weed stems and leaves.
4. Enemy grass. The herbicide uses 0.5 kg of 25% wettable powder per 667 square meters, and water is added with 100-150 kg for soil directional spray treatment. It has 79%~95% control effect on dicotyledonous and grassy weeds, and perennial weeds. It has a certain inhibitory effect, and the curative effect is more than 45 days, and it has no obvious adverse effects on silkworm.
5, annihilation. Before the weeds, the 667 square meters used 25% chlorpyrifos 0.25-0.5 kilograms, plus 100 kilograms of water sprinkled soil, the effect of double-leaf weeds such as flat storage, piglet, mother-in-law, small convolvulus, ash and so on More than 90%, more extinct than diuron, the effect is more than 60 days, no adverse effects on mulberry and silkworm.
6. Dimethyltetrachloride. Use 20% pesticide 0.5-0.75 kg per 667 square meters, add 100 kg of water to spray weed stems and leaves, kill 80%-90% of the effect of small convolvulus, thorn bud, flat storage, ash, and fragrant aconite. Effective for 30-45 days.
7. Fluorin. Applicable to the grass-sowed mulberry seedlings dominated by grass weeds. Use 48% emulsifiable concentrate 100-150 ml for 1 day before sowing, 50-60 kg for water, spray on topsoil, mix soil with nails and 3-5 cm deep. The efficacy is about 60 days.
Tips for the pesticide network : After using the above agents, it is only after 15 days that the leaves can be raised to raise silkworms.

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