Kitchen small appliances purchase tips

The purchase and use of small appliances has become the main choice for modern homes. Small home appliances fit the needs of modern small families, while cheap prices and better performance have become the reason for modern small families to choose them. The dazzling array of small appliances not only enriches the variety of food, but also greatly reduces people's labor intensity. However, professionals also remind consumers that choosing small appliances or using small appliances that are not good enough will hide the safety hazard in the kitchen, which is very warm.

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In order to ensure the safety of home appliance users, professionals remind consumers to pay attention when purchasing food processing appliances:

1. Select well-known enterprises with large scale, good product quality and good service quality. Because the general large shopping malls have better after-sales service.

2. Recognize the “CCC” mark. Electric food processing equipment is a product that is compulsory for national certification (ie “CCC”). Therefore, consumers must check whether the purchased electric food processing equipment has obtained the “CCC” certification certificate and is marked with “CCC”. Certification mark.

3. Look at the signs and instructions. The standard stipulates that the product logo should be complete, including: company name, address, specifications (such as the capacity of the agitator), model, trademark, voltage parameters, power parameters, power supply symbols, etc.; if it is a two-plug, then in the appliance There should be a "return" symbol on the instruction; the instruction manual should have a detailed description of the operation, there should be warnings to prevent misuse, detailed cleaning methods, etc.; the signs of the operation switches on the product should be clear and reliable.

4, should pay attention to safety. Nowadays, the safety of small household appliances is generally poor. Try to use it when purchasing, and choose a product that has a smoother sound and less vibration during operation. Pay attention to the packaging. The packaging should be rigorous, the marking should be regular, the shock resistance is good, and so on.

When using small appliances, you must also pay attention to the following three aspects:

1, do not put in a humid place, food processing equipment, such as small appliances, anti-electricity, insulation and other safety indicators are likely to cause leakage and injury. In the dry place, attention should also be paid to perfecting the protective grounding device.

2, do not idling the electric food processing equipment at no load, the motor speed is very fast, it is easy to cause the motor shaft to wear and cause damage to the appliance. Read the instructions carefully before use and follow the instructions in the instruction manual provided at the time of purchase.

3. It is not allowed to operate the electric food processing equipment for a long time (more than the time specified in the manual); it is not possible to process materials exceeding the specified amount of the specification; it is also impossible to process other things except the specifications.  

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