Geranium cultivation management skills

Geranium cultivation management skills:

[Location]: Geranium prefers the east or south window sill with plenty of sunlight. It grows well in all-day and half-day sunshine in autumn and winter, and is also suitable as a flower bed plant. If you put it indoors, you should have scattered light, otherwise the flowers and leaves will fall quickly.

[Soil]: Commercially cultivated soil or loose sandy loam rich in organic matter is preferred.

[Moisture]: Water can be poured once every 1-2 days in autumn and winter, but it is best to water once a day in sunny days, especially when the plants are flourishing, the leaves are many and the evaporation speed is fast, so you must pay attention to add enough water.

[Rizhao]: Geranium likes plenty of light. It can grow well under full or half-day sunshine in autumn and winter. It can be enjoyed in bright indoors during flowering, but if the luminosity is not enough, it will easily cause yellowing of leaves and falling leaves and falling flowers. .

[Temperature]: The growth temperature is 15-25 °C, which is not resistant to high temperature and is not suitable for summer growth.

[Fertilizer]: The base fertilizer should be mixed in the culture soil. When the flowering period is entered, the application liquid is too fat for about 1-2 weeks.

[Caring]: Home gardening is mostly from the flower market. You can buy three kinds of flowers in the big flower box, then put them on the window sill, or plant them directly in the window sill. If you have not forgotten the irrigation, after a few weeks, you The window sill of the home will be an intoxicating place.

When the geranium seedlings are 12 to 15 cm high, the heart is topped to promote the side branches. When the temperature is high in summer, the watering is strictly controlled. Otherwise, the geranium in the semi-dormant state is too wet, and the leaves often fall off. Stem and leaf growth period, fertilize once every half month, but nitrogen fertilizer should not be applied too much. The stems and leaves are too large to be fertilized, and it is necessary to stop the fertilization, and some leaves are appropriately removed to facilitate flowering. During flower bud formation, phosphate fertilizer is applied once every 2 weeks. Or "Huiyou" 15-15-30 pot flower special fertilizer. In order to control the height of the excavated plant and achieve the purpose of large color, in addition to selecting the dwarf geranium variety, the application of growth regulating substances is very important. The same day, the hollyhock is planted in the 12 cm or 15 cm pot 2 weeks later, 0.15% chlormequat or longer sprayed leaves, once a week, spray 2 times, 14 ~ 18 hours of light per day, which can effectively control the geranium Height, providing quality potted flowers.

After the flower is thanked, the flowering branches should be removed immediately to avoid the consumption of nutrients, which is conducive to the development and flowering of the new flowering branches. Generally, potted plants for 3 to 4 years old need to be renewed. During the winter and spring flowering period, the sun should be placed in a good place, otherwise the leaves will be easy to droop and turn yellow. Increased artificial assisted illumination in rain and snow, ideal for flowering.

Winter management

Geranium is warm and cold, and winter should pay special attention to prevent cold and freeze. Feeding geraniums in the north should move the pots to the room when the frost falls, and put them in front of the sunny window to fully receive the light. If the light is insufficient, the plants are prone to grow up, affecting the formation of flower buds, and even the flower buds that have formed will wither due to insufficient light. If you are in the south, you should also move the pots to the sheltered place and keep warm after the winter. It is convenient for the potted flowers to basking in the sun and easy to avoid the cold. The indoor temperature should be maintained at a daily temperature of 15 ° C to 20 ° C and no less than 10 ° C at night. In the environment where the temperature is too low, the plant grows weak, which is not conducive to flower bud differentiation, less flowering, or even flowering, but the environment with temperature higher than 25 °C is also unfavorable for its growth and flowering.

The geranium is soothy and wet, so the daily watering should be appropriate. In winter, it should not be poured every day. Even in dry weather, it is usually necessary to pour water for five to seven days, keeping the soil dry and slightly wet. Excessive watering can cause yellowing and falling off of the leaves, which can affect flowering and even cause rotten roots to die. However, it is often used to spray the leaves with clean water to keep the leaves clean, which is good for photosynthesis. In order to make the geranium flower continuously, it is necessary to supply sufficient nutrients. Generally, the thin liquid fertilizer should be applied once every 10 days. It can be mixed with bean cake, hoof and fish water. After the fermentation, add water, or use the flower shop. The compound fertilizer sold is only 3 to 5 pieces at a time. There are many branches of geranium. In order to promote its more flowering, the plants should be topped several times to promote multi-branched and multi-pregnancy buds. After the flower is thanked, the residual flowers should be cut off in time, and the dense or thin branches should be cut off to avoid the consumption of nutrients. However, during the winter season, it is not appropriate to cut.

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