Protective clothing selection and use need to pay attention to matters

Protective clothing is clothing that protects people from production or work and avoids or reduces occupational injuries. It helps to protect the health and safety of people who work in a special environment. Therefore, the selection and use of protective clothing is an important part of the work of safety protection. In the following, Luzhou Haigu Safety Protection Technology Co., Ltd. will provide you with detailed information on the selection and use of protective clothing.

How to choose protective clothing?
1. According to different operating needs, choose the appropriate protective clothing varieties should be based on the presence of different harmful factors in the workplace, targeted selection of special labor protective clothing, special precautions Zhangzhou Haigu Safety Protection Technology Co., Ltd., should also consider the risk factors Severity, choose a different degree of protection.
2. Note that the selection of qualified protective clothing products special labor protective clothing products are special labor protection products, which must be strictly in accordance with the national industrial production permit system and safety sign certification system for production. When purchasing, you should first confirm whether the manufacturer of the product has a national industrial product production license (reported by Haigu Security Protection Experts, the license is not required for imported goods) and a safety sign certification. On this basis, check whether the product has the manufacturer's name and address, production license number, safety mark certification number, production date, product standard number, whether the product certificate and instruction manual are attached. In addition, the distribution company should be required to present the inspection report of the batch of products and check the validity period.
3. Look at the appearance structure of the protective clothing and learn more about its protective quality. When purchasing, we should pay attention to checking the appearance and quality of the protective clothing and try on it. The clothing type should conform to the wearer's figure and the clothing surface should be free of stains. Complete accessories.

How to properly use protective clothing 1. The procedures for wearing protective clothing should meet the requirements of the regulations. The collar, cuffs and hem of the protective clothing should be fastened. One person should use it and do not use it.
2. If the protective suit is contaminated, scientific washing or replacement should be performed in time.
3. For special labor protective clothing, it should be effectively washed according to the prescribed method and used within the specified period of validity.
4. Once you find that your protective clothing is damaged, you should avoid it and replace it in time.

What are the precautions for the selection and use of protective clothing? The above is some suggestions from Chuzhou Haigu Safety Protection Technology Co., Ltd. We hope to help you purchase protective clothing.

Aluminum die casting Motor Metal Craft

Name: High Pressure Aluminium Die Casting for 80mm Gold Porsche Car Model 
Apolication: used for all sorts of model for car, craft, plane etc
Specification: custom as per provided product design drawing
Material: Aluminum die casting alloys (97-99% Al, other Silicon, Iron,  copper, Magnesium, Manganese, Nickel, Zinc, Tin, Titanium)
Feature:  heat resistance, pretty appearance, light weight, water proof, corrosion resistance
Production standard: DIN / JIS / ASTM / MIL

Product Description


Aluminum die casting  Car Model


 Scale Model

Used Die cast Machine

(Depend on mould)

Die casting machine 120 ton -800 ton  


Main Processes Flow

(depends on part shape and requirement)

Drawing / or Samples â†’Mould making â†’Die casting â†’Deburring â†’Drilling and Tapping â†’CNC Machining â†’Polish→Surface treatment â†’Assembly â†’Quality inspection â†’ Packing â†’Shipping

Production Flow

Drawing/ or samples â†’ Mould making â†’Die casting and other processes â†’Get samples and send samples to customer for approval â†’ Mass Production ( casual inspection avoid unintentional situation) â†’ QC â†’ Packing â†’Shipping â†’Cycle to next order

Surface Treatment  (Optional by customer)

Polishing, Sandblasting, Painting, Powder coating, Galvanizing, Chrome plating

Anodizing , Real gold coating, Imitation gold,

High Pressure Aluminium Die Casting For 80mmHigh Pressure Aluminium Die Casting For 80mm 1

Aluminum Motor Metal Craft

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