Living room lighting Feng Shui introduction

Living room lighting Feng Shui living room lighting is free to install risk

1. How should the lighting in the living room be arranged?

The living room and the entrance are yang, the lights in the living room should be high enough and bright enough to spread the light throughout the living room. If there are more light sources, the lighting of the same elements should be used as much as possible to maintain the overall style. If the living room is large, lights can be used for area division. Warm chandeliers can be used on the dining table to create a warm dining atmosphere. A dimmable floor lamp can be placed next to the sofa, and several small spotlights can be installed on the display stand. The porch can be installed with small spotlights, chandeliers or ceilings to install fluorescent lamps and downlights according to the style of the top to improve the situation of poor lighting.

2, how to use the lights of the living room to make money

In Yangshui Feng Shui, I want to make a fortune, and the use of lighting is very important. The bright living room means that the nobles are very busy, so the lighting in the living room should try not to use fluorescent lamps or white light. It is best to use yellow lights, that is, halogen lamps. Halogen lamps not only bring a warm and harmonious feeling, but also bring a very popular popularity and wealth. Also, if there are a few corners in the living room that are not moving, it means that there is a financial position at home, which should be carefully arranged and used. It is recommended to install a light to illuminate this financial position. Proper use of lighting to improve the magnetic field in the home, in addition to allowing the sense of space to magnify, can also prevent villains from destroying wealth.

3, the number of lamps

The number of lamps in the home is preferably in the singular number, but when the spotlights are illuminated in a row, care should be taken not to use three lamps to juxtapose, so as to avoid the similarity of the three fragrances, forming a bad meaning.

4, the choice of different room lighting

The function of each room is different and the lighting will be different. Feng Shui theory pays attention to the "Ming Room Dark Room", which means that the light in the living room should be bright, while the light in the bedroom should be darker.

1, the living room: the living room lighting should be sufficient, too dim lighting will affect the owner's career development. The choice of lighting for the ceiling of the living room is very important, it is best to use a round chandelier or ceiling lamp, because the round has a perfect meaning. The color of the living room should be bright and the lights scattered evenly in the living room. Some living rooms lacking sunlight, the interior is dim and unclear, and it is easy to be depressed for a long time. In this case, it is best to fill the fluorescent lamp in the four sides of the ceiling to fill the light, which is reflected from the ceiling, soft and not glare.

2, bedroom: bedroom is a place for people to rest, recharge your batteries, so the color of the light must be soft, it will not make people feel glare, it is good for people to fall asleep.

3, the kitchen: the kitchen light color should be white cool color, because the kitchen to cook food, will use the fire, in order to maintain the kitchen's yin and yang balance, the kitchen lighting color should choose cold color, and the fire in the kitchen balance .

4, the bathroom: the bathroom lighting color should choose warm yellow soft light, this is because the bathroom is more water, the yin is heavier, to use warm light to balance.

5, study: the best use of fluorescent lamps in the study, with fluorescent lighting, will make people feel excited, easy to improve work efficiency.

6, restaurant: restaurant as a place to eat, light and warm and appropriate.

7, porch: porch lighting color should be particularly bright, because the entrance is the entrance to the house, you must keep the lights bright, porch lighting can choose spotlights, downlights and ceiling lamps, as long as you can maintain sufficient light.

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