Four countermeasures for rice diseases, pests and weeds

Rice blast, rice stem borer, rice smut, rice planthopper, rice blast, and sheath blight are the main pests and diseases of hybrid rice. Among them: rice blast, rice stem borer, rice smut are seriously harmful, difficult to control, and strong technical control. If there is a slight loss in control, the loss is very serious. The Chinese pesticide net Xiaobian proposed the following comprehensive prevention and control techniques for rice pests and diseases.
First, the implementation of soaking technology to reduce the incidence of blight disease with 25% so that 100 grams of 2000 times liquid soaking seeds for 24 hours, can effectively prevent or reduce the occurrence of rice blast, mite disease, blight and other diseases.
Second, the control method of pests and diseases in the field. The main stage of the control is the rotten cockroaches, rice blasts, first generation phlegm, rice blast and other pests.
1. A method for controlling rotten dead seedlings. In the early stage of the disease or before the arrival of the cold wave, 95% green heng 1 No. 5 g plus Wan Jiafeng 8 ml, 15 kg water spray, the control effect is good.
2. Control methods for rice locusts. When the seedling tip is first rolled, use 4% Beverly 4g and spray 12kg with water.
3, a generation of locust control methods. On May 20-25, 40 ml of 30% planting was used, and 15 kg of water was sprayed manually.
4. Prevention and control methods of leaf blast in Putian. In late April or early onset, use 40% special kill 40 ml water 10 kg manual spray, 3 days before transplanting seedlings, use 75% 瘟福 20 grams, 15 kg manual spray with water.
Third, Honda disease and pest control methods 1, rice blast disease prevention and control methods. In the early stage of the leafhopper, 40% of the acres were killed with 40% and 75% of the glutinous rice. In the early stage of the rupture and the heading stage, 40% of the pesticides were used to kill 85 ml and 75% of the glutinous rice. 40-45 kg manual spray with water, or 10 kg motorized spray with water.
2. Rice locust control methods. From May 25th to June 5th or 5 days after transplanting, use 80% of the 80% Ruijinte 2g plus 30% planting, and spray 30kg with water. In the early stage of rice smashing, the plant uses 100% of the plant to make 100 ml, and 40-45 kg of water for manual spraying.
3. Prevention and treatment of sheath blight. In the first, middle or early stage of July, use 20% of 20% Jinggangmycin powder, 40-45 kg of water by hand, or 10 kg of motorized spray.
4, rice planthopper prevention and control methods. In the upper, middle or rice break period in July, the mu is sprayed with 20% of Baifuling 12g and 45kg of water, or 10kg of motorized spray.
Fourth, rice field weed control method 5-7 days after the transplanting of the seedlings in the field, the use of 53% throwing comet 30 grams of benzylsulfuron 15 grams, mixed with 15 kg of fine soil, after application of the shallow layer 3 5 days.
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