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"Professional use of cylindrical roller bearings" and product features

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2013-06-02

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Cylindrical roller bearing professional use: cylindrical roller bearings are mainly used in motors, machine tools, petroleum, rolling mill loading and unloading transfer machinery and various industrial machinery.
Cylindrical roller bearing features: cylindrical roller bearing is a separate bearing; device and disassembly is very convenient. Cylindrical roller bearings are divided into single row, double column and four columns.
Cylindrical roller bearings can be divided into single-row, double-row and multi-row cylindrical roller bearings. Among them, there are more single-row cylindrical roller bearings with cages. In addition, there are Cylindrical roller bearings of other layouts, such as single or double row full complement rollers.
Single row cylindrical roller bearings are classified into N type, NU type, NJ type, NF type and NUP type according to the different ferrule ribs. Cylindrical roller bearings can receive large radial load; according to the layout of the ferrule ribs It also accepts certain one-way and two-way axial loads.
NN type and NNU double row cylindrical roller bearings are compact in layout; strong in rigidity. Large bearing capacity; deformation after load. 蠖嗍糜诨.岬, FC, FCD, FCDP four-row cylindrical roller bearings are acceptable Large radial load; mostly used in heavy machinery such as rolling mills.
Cylindrical roller bearings: can accept heavy radial loads at high speeds; cylindrical roller bearings with single row EC type have optimized internal curves; can improve the radial and axial load of the bearings; progress together to the point of view and alignment Error conditioning and improved smoothness; the full-roller bearing that eliminates the cage can have the most number of intended rollers. Suitable for very heavy and medium speed conditions
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