Matters needing attention in the corn seedling stage

    The key to field management of maize seedling stage is to properly control the growth of stems and leaves and promote the development of roots, that is, “control up and promote”, reaching roots, stems flat, dark green leaves, wide leaves, healthy individuals, and neat groups. The specific measures are mainly:

  Transplanting seedlings to ensure full seedlings

  After the emergence of corn, it is necessary to check the emergence of the seedlings in time, and find that the lack of seedlings and ridges should be replanted and replanted in time. Deficiency of seedlings before the 3 leaf stage, soaking seeds with full seeds, germination, watering and replanting. After the 3- leaf stage, the seedlings are transplanted with soil to replenish the seedlings (the seedlings can be planted in the row when planting ) . In addition, the lack of seedlings can also be rehabilitated in the vicinity. Early seedlings

  When the corn grows to 3~4 leaves, it takes time and seedlings to remove weak, yellow, sick, inferior and miscellaneous seedlings. To 5 to 6 leaves, as planned spacing, density Liumiao, pulled out all the seedlings. When the seedlings are set, the land can be kept slightly closer to give full play to the marginal advantage. When the seedlings are fixed, the seedlings to be removed must be cleared out of the field in time. Timely topdressing

The topdressing of maize seedlings should be applied when the 5 leaves are unfolded, that is, applied at the 4~6 leaf stage, especially the interplanted corn and the summer corn planted with the stalks. The topdressing should follow the principles of light weight, ear weight and grain fertilizer. The ratio of top dressing is about 2.5~3 : ear 5~6 : grain 1.5~2 . If the corn is not enough or the base fertilizer is not planted, the amount of topdressing should be increased but the proportion of the third phase is generally unchanged. Timely cultivating

  The timely seeding of the corn seedlings can play a role of “controlling the next”. It is especially important for interplanting corn and summer maize that are poorly grounded. In the seedling stage, the cultivating is generally carried out 2 to 3 times. 1st in Dingmiao, cultivating depth master "side seedlings shallow, middle deep" cultivator principle, both to remove the weeds but not so pressed seedlings, roots usually 3 to 5 cm. The second and third times are carried out before the jointing, and the depth of the ploughing should be appropriate. It is generally about 10 cm. Although deep ploughing will cut off some fine roots, it can promote new roots. The soil should be gradually completed from 9 to 10 leaf stage before heading to facilitate the formation of roots and enhance the lodging resistance of the plants.

  Suitable seedlings to promote growth

  The methods commonly used to promote seedlings are: controlling fertilizer and water, deep cultivating, and drying the roots. Corn seedlings should follow the principle of "small black, not yellow, fat, not thin, damp and not dry". That is to say, the leaves are dark green, fertile, and strong. Otherwise, it will not be embarrassing. The seedling time is generally about 20 days in summer and intercropping corn . The time is too short and no effect. If the time is too long, it will form a “small old seedling”, which will affect the later growth. At the end of the seedlings, the fertilizer should be immediately applied and watered to promote growth. For the field where the growth of the seedlings is weak, not only the seedlings should be carried out, but also the fertilizer and water measures should be taken in time to promote the growth of the seedlings.

  Management of corn pests and diseases: high temperature in summer, various pests and diseases are harmful to corn plants. The main diseases are sheath blight and silk smut. The control of sheath blight can strip off the lower leaf tips and spray Jinggangmycin. When the silk smut strain is found, it should be removed in time or buried. The main pests are corn borer, aphids, etc. The prevention and treatment methods can be consulted by the local agricultural resources department.

  In the middle and late stages, according to the fertility needs, water content, pests and diseases, etc., as appropriate.



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