Mechanical seal and soft packing seal difference

Mechanical seal and soft packing seal difference

Mechanical seals and soft packing seals:


1 Sealed reliably In long-term operation, the sealing state is very stable, and the leakage is small. According to rough statistics, the leakage is generally only 1/100 of the soft packing seal;

2 The service life is generally 1 to 2 years or longer in oil and water media, and usually more than half a year in chemical media;

3 friction power consumption, the friction power of the small mechanical seal is only 10% to 50% of the soft packing seal;

The 4-axis or sleeve is substantially free of wear;

5 The maintenance period can be automatically compensated after the long end face wears. Under normal circumstances, frequent maintenance is required.

6 good vibration resistance is not sensitive to the vibration, yaw of the rotating shaft and the deflection of the shaft to the sealing cavity;

7 Wide range of applications Mechanical seals can be used for low temperature, high temperature, vacuum, high pressure, different speeds, as well as a variety of corrosive media and abrasive media.

8 For the “zero leakage” needs of many factories today, the packing cannot meet this requirement; the basic adaptation is wide and the arbitrariness is greater, but for the factory, frequent replacement or maintenance will cause great losses to the factory.


1The structure is more complicated, and the manufacturing and processing requirements are high;

2 installation and replacement is more troublesome, and requires workers to have a certain level of installation technology;

3 When an accident occurs, the handling is more difficult;

4 One-time investment is high.

'The difference between mechanical seal and soft packing seal

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